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Where hair care and hair styling are one

At Hair Care By Dawn, we couple our Trichology expertise with hair styling to provide you with a complete hair care solution.

The focus of our business is not  only to give you a new look. Our focus is to ensure the long-term health of your hair and scalp, to expand your hair care and hair style options. 


We Can help with hair loss

Hair loss can be emotional. It can even be traumatizing, yet it is never hopeless. That's the message we deliver at Hair Care By Dawn, a Hair Replacement and Treatment Center in San Rafael, California. We have spent over 25 years designing hair


           Our Hair Replacement Services

At Hair Care By Dawn, we strive to maintain a professional and client focused atmosphere. With total privacy and one-on-one attention to offer wide-ranging products and services. Clients who come to us expect to learn about their hair and scalp conditions and to also receive the most natural-looking hair replacement systems and topical solutions. We provide in-house and take home regiments and even a full Trichology program, from a certified Trichology Practitioner. All of it is part of our mission to provide individualized options, and never to take a one-size fit all approach to hair enhancement.

Featured Items & Specials

Grey be Gone Photo

Grey be Gone

We are confident that we can rejuvenate your hair with a grey coverage service by one of our expert colorists. Whether you just have a few grey hairs you'd like to blend in, or a silvery mane you wish to completely renew, we can help you decide how much grey coverage you need and help you achieve your goals for younger looking hair. Mention this ad for half off any color-protecting conditioner with your grey coverage service, to extend the life of your color service and keep those greys away!

XFusion Photo


  XFusion Fibers instantly give you thicker, fuller looking hair. Easy to apply, long wearing and totally undetectable. SUGGESSTED USES: Use on dry hair . Shake liberally into thinning area. Pat gently to distribute Fibers. Style as usual . Shampoo to remove.

XTC Hair Growth Systems Photo

XTC Hair Growth Systems

  XTC Hair Growth Systems Natural Hair Boost System An effective natural solution for Thin, Aging Hair, Alopecia Areata and Traction Alopecia   XTC Hair Growth Systems was developed by doctor and hair loss experts,as an easy, convenient, multi-step solution, to help eilminate the major cause of genetic hair loss and stimulate the hair's natural growth cycle. Natural Hair boost proactively treats thinning hair,slows the progression of aging hair, and strengthenshair damaged by excessive heat, hairsh chemicals, tight draides, weves and extensions. Natural Hair Boost System Contents: Xtreme DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutreint ( 90 day)- Is a 3-in-1 natural dietary supplements: a one step oral solution designed to: Fight DHT, which is ethe major cause of genetic hair loss Feed and nourish the hair with the nutrients it needs to thrive optimally  Accelerate the hair's natural growth cycle, with clinically proven safe and effective for men and wnam of all ethnicities Xtreme DHT Inhibietor & Total Hair Nutrient helps the hair to grow stronger, fuller and revitalize faster. *For those with shelfish allergies substitute with xtreme Hair Complex. Scalp Prep 4oz. Revitalize the scalp by removing excessive sebum oils and debris, whis often restrict fragile hairs from growing. Scalp Prep is clinically proven and laboratory tested to work beneath the scalp surface; increasing the flow of nutrients tothe root of the hair follicles. Scalp Prep contains a hig concentration of B Vitamins to help strengthenthe hair. Scalp Prep signifaicantly aids in the penetration of topical hair growth stimulators, such as XGT, Xtreme Hair Boosst or other Minoxidil formulas, for maximum effectiveness. Bio- Cure Shampoo 8 oz.  Bio-Cure Shampoo is a gentle, herbal formula, free of sulfates, Cocomide DEA and Parabens. Bio-Cure Shampoo gently cleanses he hair and scalp, without the harsh chemicals found in most cleansing products, which strip the hair of its matural oils is essential for strong, healthy hair. Bio-Cure was secially formulated with unique blend of 11 DHT inhibitors, to mimimize shedding, while restoring the apperarence of fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair for both men and woman. Xtreme Growth Therapy  2oz. XGT is a unique herbal formula, with aproven vasodilator, to accelerate the hair grow cycle naturally, with 11 of the best topical DHT Inhibitors. Xtreme Growth Therapy stimulates the hair , due to its high precentage of Panthenol and Cysteine, a keratin protein, whih is a basic protein found in human hair. XGT provides the hair with protein building nutrients and B vitamins to revitalize the condition of the hair and scalp. XCT releieves the scalp of dryness andencourages thick, healthy,hair growth, naturally. *For a more aggessive hair loss treatment, consider substituting with Xtreme Hair Boost.